Frequently asked questions

How many consultations are necessary ?

It is not possible to say how many consultations are necessary, since BSR is an individual process. Usually the release is rapid, but if body stress has been locked in for a long period, additional sessions may be needed. In practice, most clients react positively after the basic program of three sessions. Babies and children normally heal quickly.

After each release, the body undergoes changes in the process of releasing the stressed layers of muscle. This is because the tight, protective muscle layers tend to relax back to their normal tone by degrees, allowing restored communication within the nervous system. To assist the client through this process, all clients start on a basic program of three consultations. These appointments are made on day 1, day 4 (± 3 days after the first consultation) and day 11 (± 7 days after the 2nd consultation) of the program.

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