About Daniëlle Jensen

Since childhood I have been suffering from headaches. After the birth of my children in 1996 and 1998 the headaches became migraine attacks. It started with about 3 attacks per year with regular headaches in between. But after a while the amount of migraine attacks increased immensely. The medicine I was taking in the form of triptanes worked really well. The problem though was that you are only allowed to take a maximum of 10 triptanes a month.

I have tried so many different kinds of therapies/treatments and other things like: massages, physiotherapy, meditation, osteopathy, acupuncture, ayurveda, homeopathy, reiki, chiropractic, shiatsu, relaxation breathing techniques and yoga. I also visited several neurologists.

Then in August 2008 I was introduced to Body Stress Release. I had read about it in a health magazine, where the writer describes that she has finally got rid of her horrifying headaches thanks to BSR. So I made an appointment. I was a bit skeptical as I had already tried so many other things. It was an interesting encounter and it felt a bit strange but good at the same time. That night I fell into a deep comfortable sleep.

After the following appointments on day 4 and day 11, I did not experience big changes. However I came more and more aware of my body and of what I was doing to it by taking all the heavy triptanes. So I decided to stop taking medicine and it was actually not too hard. I still got migraines, but they were less severe and I did not have to throw up anymore. And gradually it got better and better. I continued to visit the BSR practitioner once a month.

I was intrigued by Body Stress Release and its training centre in Rondevlei, South Africa and decided to apply for the course. Fortunately I was supported by my husband and children and by my father who offered to help whenever it was needed.
On April the 28th 2010 I left and on the 25th of September I graduated. It was such an incredible experience in many ways and my faith in the BSR process is absolute.

I have only had one migraine attack in the past five months. I do still have slight headaches so now and then, but by listening better to and by honouring my body I have faith that there will be a time that the headaches will be gone completely. In my case my headaches originated from a very bad lower back.

I am immensely greatful to have been given this opportunity by my dearest husband, children and father. Without their continuous support this whole journey would not have been possible!

I am bursting with energy and look so much forward to helping people, children and baby’s. I have witnessed some fantastic results on my recent apprenticeship and I am excited to share my success stories and assist young and old on their road to optimal health and vitality.

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